Eco-friendly Packaging for Jewelries & Accessories

Ecoriendly Packaging for Jewelries and Accessories

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a successful online jewelry business, it’s important to know the most efficient and eco-friendly way to package your beautiful products. Not to mention, a safe and secure packaging process will ensure that your jewelry arrives undamaged. And you also want creative packaging that’s cute, personalized, and encourages repeat customers and brand loyalty. 

Sound overwhelming?! We’ve put together our favorite tips, tricks, and new hacks to help you through the process. 

What to Consider When Choosing Your Packaging

When packaging delicate jewelry pieces, there are a few things to consider before shipping. Perhaps the most important is the fragility of the piece. Whether you’re selling ceramic jewelry, delicate chains, or valuable stones, most jewelry is susceptible to tangling, scratching, and even shattering and breaking. Take extra care to layer and wrap the product protectively.

The size and dimensions will determine if you will be using a jewelry box, pouch for pre-packaging, bubble mailer or corrugated box for shipping. Lastly, take the time to familiarize yourself with the shipment requirements and restrictions of your preferred courier. Shipping internationally, sending rush deliveries, and insuring fragile pieces will require knowledge of different protocols.

Packaging tips for jewelries and accessories

Consider how fragile your jewelry is to find out how much protection it needs.

Your Checklist of Essentials: Internal Packaging & External Packaging

There are a few different options when it comes to exactly how you want to package your jewelry. While layers are essential, you will want to choose lightweight, recyclable, and biodegradable materials when you’re able. This keeps both the cost and the amount of waste as low as possible. Once you find a process you like, you can buy in bulk to save money in the long run. The following list of materials is a good place to start when buying packaging materials.

1. Glassine or packaging paper can be used to wrap the jewelry to prevent scratching, breaking, and tangling. Glassine is a glossy, durable paper that’s both recyclable and biodegradable, which is why we recommend checking out these small glassine bags from the craft and hobby shop Posy Pop. You can also choose a custom tissue paper that clients will soon associate with your products.

Glassine Paper Envelopes

Check these glassine envelope bags from Posy Pop to protect from scratches.

2. Another option is to use a bubble wrap pad or green wrap to protect your product. The good news is that bubble wrap is recyclable, but your customers will need to recycle properly, following these steps. This kraft corrugated wrap is made from recycled cardboard is available at Le Box Boutique

Corrugated Wrap

Instead of bubble wrap, try switching to corrugated boxes or wraps to cushion your product.

3. After wrapping your jewelry in tissue packaging or bubble pad, it’s wise to place it in a clear poly bag. Small, clear bags help keep your product contained so that it doesn’t slip out of the protective wrap and become loose. While plastic bags are typically not recyclable, Danco has a new line of biodegradable and compostable clear bags that are made from plants.

Clear Packaging-Biodegradable Cellophane

Check these biodegradable bags from Danco!

4. You can also place your bagged jewelry in a small jewelry pouch or jewelry box after wrapping it in tissue paper. If so, be sure to take the time to brand your pouch or box. While this likely isn’t the cheapest route, it is something customers appreciate and remember.

Jewelry boxes

Make sure to put your piece in a sturdy and protective box before sealing it

5. Bubble mailers are a popular choice for protective packaging because they’re small, lightweight, cheaper to ship, and keep your product safe and secure. Luckily, you can find mailers that are made of recycled materials and ones that are recyclable. Our bubble mailers are recyclable and biodegradable. Win-win! 


best biodegradable and floral bubble mailers for your jewlry products

Our bubble mailers are well-loved by small shop owners that sell accessories, crafts and artprints.

6. You may prefer to ship your jewelry in cardboard or corrugated boxes instead of poly mailers. While these will be more costly to ship, they also make it harder for someone to tell that there’s jewelry inside. Cardboard has the added bonus of being one of the most easily recycled materials. Uline has extremely cheap bulk prices, while Boox has created innovative reusable boxes.


Boox Reusable Boxes

Boox offers low MOQ for their reusable boxes for small shops.

7. Personalized stickers make it easy for customers and gift-receivers to know exactly where their beautiful jewelry is from. You will also need shipping labels for your mailers or boxes. Again, the best way to save on this expense is to buy in bulk.

Customized label stamp

Check these customized label stamps by The Stamp Shoppe by LBP.

8. Ready to go? Don’t forget to tape it up. Poly bubble mailers will have an easy-to-use adhesive strip. If you’re using other bubble mailers or boxes, seal them properly with packing tape with a durable adhesive, such as Scotch Shipping Tape. Omo Bamboo Shop carries a plant-based packaging kraft paper tape that can be recycled right along with your cardboard box.

Omo bamboo shop plant based tape

Omo Bamboo Shop offers plant-based tapes.

Due to the layering required with jewelry, it may not always be possible to use all recyclable materials. Do your best to go green when you can, or plan to slowly switch over to eco-friendly packaging material once your budget allows. Our poly mailers are a great place to start!

Jewelry Packaging Tips

Packaging jewelry is unique because it’s small, fragile, and often easily tangled or scratched. If a customer receives broken or damaged jewelry, that experience will likely result in a bad review for you— whether or not it’s your fault. Managing your risk is extremely important when shipping jewelry.

1. You want to securely pack your jewelry so that it can’t move all around in the bubble mailer envelope or box. Your product should be secure enough to withstand being shaken or thrown.

2. Do not draw attention to the contents by writing ‘Valuable’ on the package. When shipping jewelry, you want to be subtle about the value and contents of the package to prevent the piece from being stolen during the shipping process.

3. Get updated with the current restrictions, requirements, and policies of your courier of choice. Being knowledgeable will save you time and money in the long run.

4. We recommend insuring the jewelry if it’s rare or valuable, as well as choosing a delivery option that tracks the item. You can also request a signature upon delivery, especially if the item is particularly unique or expensive.

Insure your jewelry when shipping

Consider insuring the jewelry if it’s rare or valuable.

5. Take a picture before packaging and again once it’s packed for proof if something happens in the shipping containers.

6. Personal touches go a long way! A custom thank-you note, motivational quote, or fun style guide can set your business apart.

7. A jewelry care card helps customers properly care for their purchase and may even cut down on future complaints. Many people don’t know standard jewelry care and storage tips, which can lead to premature damage, discoloration, and you guessed it— complaints.

preparing a care instruction card when packing jewelry products
📷 by @delroseco | Include jewelry care cards 

8. Acquiring all the materials you need to properly ship jewelry can be overwhelming, especially before you’ve even made a profit. For advice on inexpensive shipping, check out these tips.

📷 by @delroseco | Take a picture before and after packaging for proof that there is no damage before shipment.

How to Encourage Repeat Business

What’s more exciting than a new customer to a small business? One that becomes a repeat customer! Here are a few ways you can help your customers want to come back for more.

1. You can email exclusive discount coupons or include them in your shipment. Everybody loves to feel like they’re getting a deal, especially if their previous experience was a positive one.

2. Give loyal customers their own referral code. This brings in new customers and rewards repeat customers.

3. Grant repeat customers special early access for limited collections. It makes your favorite customers feel special and can even inspire your creativity!

4. Lastly, personalize your shipment. Unique branding on your jewelry box, a cute business card, or a small free item help make their purchase a standout experience. With so many options when buying jewelry online, it’s the little things that make a customer want to come back.


🎞️ by @delroseco Create a great unboxing experience by choosing a packaging that reflects your brand.

Focus on Personal Experience

Purchasing jewelry is a personal experience. Whether a customer is choosing it for themselves, a spouse, friend, or loved one, it has to reflect the individual’s style and preferences. If you choose to go the extra mile when it comes to packaging, it will be appreciated by everyone involved and, hopefully, lead to repeat purchases. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create our own chic and elegant mailer bag prints to resonate with your brand identity and aesthetic. Check out our new designs for the perfect mailers to complement your thriving (and eco-friendly!) online business.

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