What's the cost of shipping?

Shipping is free for all orders on our website with low minimum of 25 bags.

How thick are your mailers?

Our mailer bags are 0.07mm thick, which is among the thickest options available on the market in those sizes. The standard mailers are from 0.05mm-0.07mm. For very large items, some companies use 0.10mm, but you would very rarely come across them. 

We have heard people mentioning 2.35mm or even 3.15mm. That is likely incorrect (or might be an error in conversion) because 3.15mm is 0.124 inch!

Can you please tell me if these bags are curbside recyclable? If not, where can they be recycled?

It depends on where you live, but the short answer is that they are not curbside recyclable. The reason is because these bags can get tangled with other items, or the machinery, causing the workers to have to jump in and untangle them. Generally items that are curbside recyclable are:

  • Paper and cardboard – This includes anything like cereal boxes, newspaper, mail and paper-made boxes.
  • Glass – You can recycle glass of any kind: mason jars, wine or beer bottles, or any type of glass you may have.
  • Metals – Anything like steel, tin or aluminum cans are always recyclable.
  • Rigid plastic bottles – This can be a little confusing to some because regular plastic bottles are never considered to be recyclable. But anything, like plastic milk cartons or other plastics that are rigid, are able to be tossed into your curbside recycle bin.

Where can I recycle your mailer bags?

  • At a local recycling center/depot. Different states might have different websites, so the best way to find out is with a quick Google search.
  • Via store drop off: you can recycle your bags at a lot of the local groceries stores. Check out how to dispose and reuse your mailer bags properly in this article.

Personally, we would save them in a small cardboard box and drop them off at the recycling center every once in a while, to make sure they’re properly recycled.

What is the shelf life of your mailer bags?

When our bags are exposed in nature, they will start to break down and would usually take around 24 months to complete the process, depending on the condition.  

Here’s a video to demonstrate 

If they are stored indoor, they can usually last longer than that.

Can I personalize my mailers?

There are several ways you can personalize your mailer bags:

  • Use a Sharpie or a permanent marker to write the customer's name or other information directly onto the bag.
  • Use your branded stickers to add your branding, or the customer info.
  • Contact us for custom mailers with your own prints, or your logo on one of our existing prints (Minimum is currently 10,000 bags per design per size).

Are your bags eco-friendly?

Our bags are biodegradable, and the material is D2W. They can be recycled and in the case that it winds up as litter, it will break down into carbon dioxide, water & biomass, making them easily consumed by bacteria & fungi in the environment.

Where do your designs come from?

We design most of our bags in-house. From time to time we also work with artists around the world when we come across styles that we love. 

Do you accept custom orders?

Soon after we launch, we will start accepting custom orders. The MOQ starts at 10,000 units but we're actively working with our manufacturer to find creative angles to reduce this! 

Do you have any other questions?

Shoot us an email at hello@impack.co