• Beautifully designed mailer bags

    Beautifully designed

    Guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Our mailers were designed by ultra-talented artists around the world.

  • Biodegradable mailer bags

    Making an impact together

    Biodegradable bags that break down in all natural environments into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. Let's make an "impack" together, one bag at a time.

  • Low minimum quantity mailer bags

    Low minimum from just 25 bags

    No matter how many bags you order, let us ship them to you for FREE.

Poly mailers aren't the problem, recycling is.

While most poly mailers are recyclable, only a few of them make it to the recycling facilities. The rest would often end up in the environment.

Our goal at Impack is to tackle this exact problem: Our mailer bags are recyclable and when they happen to escape collection and end up as litter, they will start breaking down and become carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Our product line has now grown to offer more paper-based mailers and box packaging. We hope this will give shop owners more freedom to choose how they want to pack & impress customers right from the moment they receive the packages!

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Since products have different thicknesses, choosing size based on 2D measurements for a thicker item might result in getting a bag that's too small for that item.

Our Mailer Bag Size Calculator is here to help you figure out the perfect size for your product. Simply enter your item dimensions to see the recommended size you need to pack for your item

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