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Double adhesive

Wildflower Mailers 10" x 13"

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Mailers that make your customer go "I'm getting something special today" 

Send your products in style with our stunning biodegradable mailer bags. Our biodegradable mailers are 100% recyclable, and in case they find their way into the natural environment, the bags will break down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass, leaving zero waste behind. 

Product details

Print: Wildflower

Size: 10" x 13" / 25.4 x 33.0 cm


25/50/100 pack: Packaged in a transparent, biodegradable mailer.

500/1,000 pack: Packaged in transparent, biodegradable mailers then in a carton. 

Sustainability info

Material: Biodegradable plastics

Breakdown time: 24 months

Disposal method:

  • Recyclable - at local recycling depot

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Yulia Anderson
Loving the designs

Excellent quality mailers and the cutest designs out there, hands down. Also a great variety of sizes. Love this brand and will continue to purchase from them. I recommend Impack to all of my small biz friends.

Shelley Fought-Mock
The cutest eco friendly mailers!!

I have been a customer of impack for a while now.i am obsessed with these many options and this wildflower print has been my favorite so far.

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