How To Dispose Of Our Gummed Tapes

padded paper mailer bags

How to dispose of this mailer bag?

This paper mailer bag is both 100% biodegradable (usually within 24 months) and recyclable.

It is 100% curb-side recyclable. You can recycle it along with your other paper waste!

Alternatively, you can also bring it to a local recycling center.

Nearest Recycling Center
  • Biodegradable

    Paper waste typically takes 2 to 6 weeks to break down at the end of their useful life.

    However, it's one of those everyday items that loves to be recycled!

  • Recyclable

    You can recycle our paper mailer bags at your nearest recycling center. You can recycle it into something new up to 6 times! Eventually, the fibers might get too weak to reuse, but it's a recycling champ until then.