How To Dispose Of Our Boxes

A hand holding a stylish ABC Box Gardenlumina 4.8" x 6" - Medium - Canada Stock box by

How to dispose of this ABC Box?

This box is both 100% biodegradable (usually within 2-4 months at the end of its useful life) and recyclable.

It is 100% curb-side recyclable. You can recycle it along with your other paper waste!

Alternatively, you can also bring it to a local recycling center (we intentionally do not use any plastic films or wax finish to ensure that the ABC box can easily be broken down or recycled without further sorting).

Nearest Recycling Center
  • Biodegradable

    Cardboard waste typically takes 2 to 4 months to break down at the end of their useful life.

    However, it's one of those everyday items that loves to be recycled!

  • Recyclable

    You can recycle our ABC Boxes at your nearest recycling center. You can recycle it into something new up to 6 times! Eventually, the fibers might get too weak to reuse, but it's a recycling champ until then.