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The Cheapest Way To Shop From The U.S. for Canadians

The Cheapest Way To Shop From The U.S. for Canadians

Nearly all Canadian online shoppers know that quick and affordable cross-border shipping is complicated to coordinate. To get products from United States retailers over the border, you often pay expensive fees for lengthy shipping times, have to wait around for free shipping promo codes, or you can’t get the product shipped to you at all. Luckily, Shippsy has developed an inexpensive and reliable cross-border forwarding service for Canadian shoppers. How? Get your package delivered across the border for as low $6.99. This will be for packages 10 lbs. and below.

Why Should I Use Shippsy?

Shippsy Cheaper Way to Ship Items from US to Canada

Shippsy offers affordable cross-border shipping

Speedy Delivery

There’s nothing quite like the simple joy of receiving your highly anticipated package within a couple of days. Shippsy’s delivery trucks cross into Canada every day, and they do their best to deliver your package within 2 days of you providing all necessary information.

Affordable Cross-Border Pickups

Nobody wants to pay exorbitant fees for long shipping times, which is often the case when cross-border shipping. Shippsy is an affordable cross-border shipping service, charging only $6.99 per package for up to 10 lbs. Packages over 10 lbs are an additional $0.35/lb up to 100 lbs. When shipping two or more packages, you get 25% from the handling fee.

Quick Response Time

Have a problem? Shippsy’s customer service team is ready to help, whether it’s through email, phone call, or live chat. You can also easily track your shipments through your account.

User-Friendly Website

There are easy-to-follow instructions for creating an account, registering for an address, and keeping track of shipments and payments. Cross-border shipping from the U.S. to Canada doesn’t have to be complicated.

Major U.S. Retailers

Enjoy cross-border forwarding from major U.S. retailers including Target, Amazon, Walmart, Disney, eBay, Kohl’s, Apple, and more. Shop your favorite brands without paying crazy shipping fees.

Price Comparison

If you’re curious how Shippsy’s prices compare to other cross-border logistics services, try out their price calculator. While Shippsy’s prices start at $6.99 per package, many other services start at $25.99 or higher.

Cross Border Shipping Fee from Logistics Companies

Comparison of Conventional U.S. to Canada Shipping Costs

How Does Cross-Border Forwarding Work?

Shippsy has simplified cross-border shopping for Canadian shoppers. Shop at major U.S. retailers like Walmart and Amazon for a small fee, and receive your package within a couple of days.

  1. Shippsy has simplified cross-border shopping for Canadian shoppers. 
  2. Create a free account, and receive a unique U.S. address.
  3. When buying online from U.S. retailers, use the address you were given, as well as the name on file and your account number.
  4. You will receive an email from Shippsy requesting additional information (such as item description and invoice details).
  5. Your item will arrive in Canada within 1-2 business days, and be available for pick-up soon after at one of Shippsy’s Canadian branches.
  6. For an additional forwarding cost, they will have the package forwarded to your actual address through Canada Post.

 How to Use Shippsy for Cross-border Shipping

Shippsy simplified cross-border shipping with these easy steps

Give Shippsy a Try for the Holidays

If you are like us and are having a hard time finding a way to ship items from the US to Canada without breaking the bank, you should definitely consider Shippsy. The flat pickup rate with high limit (up to 50lbs per shipment) is the cheapest by far that we have found anywhere. With just 1-2 days processing time, this is also a great option to shop during the holiday season!

Visit Shippsy for more details!

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