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What Products Are Safe to Ship in Cardboard Boxes?

What Products Are Safe to Ship in Cardboard Boxes?

We know you put a lot of care into what you sell, and we bet you want your products to reach your customers safe and sound, right? That's where choosing the right packaging comes in. It can make all the difference, as it ensures your items reach their new homes in perfect condition. 

And even better, it's an opportunity to show your customers just how much you care about Mother Earth, too. 

But let's be real here — not all items are made equal, and neither should the packaging be. 

In this article, we're going to explore one of the most common types of packaging: cardboard boxes. Sustainable, reliable and budget-friendly, these boxes are a top choice for a wealth of good reasons. Not only are they made from renewable resources, but they're also recyclable, keeping your shop's carbon footprint as light as possible.

On top of this, they offer fantastic protection for a variety of products, along with a versatility that's hard to beat. Cardboard allows for various sizes and shapes of boxes, and cardboard boxes can be easily customized to reflect the personality of your brand. This adds to the overall customer experience when they receive their delivery and enhances your brand perception.

But just what kinds of items are safe to ship in these eco-champion packages? 


Cardboard boxes are safe and ideal for shipping a wide range of products, including food and beverage items, cosmetics, apparel, electronics, toys, books, eco-friendly goods, and custom items. They offer protection, presentation, and sustainability, making them a versatile choice for various products.


Join us as we unpack (see what we did there) the types of products that are safe to ship in cardboard boxes. By the end, you'll have a better understanding of how to pair your products with their ideal paper-based packages. Let’s unpack this together!

Food and Beverage Items

Cardboard boxes are a versatile ally for shipping food and beverage items. They provide excellent insulation for a variety of products, from dry foods such as pasta, rice, or cereals to confections like chocolates and truffles. This helps keep your goods fresh while in transit.

For heavier items like bottles of wine, liquor, specialty juices, drink mixes, and jars of home preserves, cardboard boxes offer sturdy support. Protective inserts can further secure these items, minimizing the risk of breakage and spillage.

Even baked goods find a friend in cardboard. An additional protective lining can keep items like cookies, pastries, and cakes fresh and delectable, as it prevents moisture from seeping in. And the customizable nature of cardboard boxes means you can create a practical and appealing package for your customers to unbox. Keep in mind, the unboxing experience is a big part of the joy!

One key thing to consider: while cardboard boxes are a fantastic, eco-friendly solution for many items, they might not suit every product. Perishable goods or items requiring refrigeration may need specialized shipping solutions.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

There's no denying the might of a cardboard box for cosmetics and personal care products. From skincare essentials to luxurious makeup items, these trusty packages can handle it all.

Cardboard boxes provide considerable protection for delicate items like lipstick tubes, glass serum bottles, and pressed powder compacts. The strength of cardboard helps to prevent these products from being crushed or damaged during transportation.

Additionally, cardboard has excellent shock absorption capabilities. Coupled with eco-friendly fillers or paper padding, it can safeguard fragile items like perfume bottles and nail polish from the bumps and jostles of their journey.

Apparel and Accessories

Jewelry, stylish scarves, and other apparel and accessory items need protection and elegance in their packaging — a balance that cardboard boxes effortlessly strike. These boxes keep delicate items like necklaces, rings, or earrings safe and scratch-free, particularly with the help of eco-friendly fillers.

Higher-end items like watches also benefit from the firmness of cardboard boxes and the additional security of protective inserts. 

Other accessories and small apparel items, from ties to hats, find ample space in cardboard boxes. These boxes shield the products from dust, light, and moisture, which ensures they arrive in pristine condition. 

Home and Decor

Cardboard boxes also prove their worth when it comes to shipping precious home and decor items. From candles and decorative ornaments to handcrafted pieces and stationery, cardboard provides an excellent safeguard for all.

Candles and aromatherapy products, often in delicate glass jars, stay intact, thanks to the outer shell of durable cardboard and cushioning from eco-friendly fillers. 

Decorative ornaments, whatever their weight or shape, enjoy security during transit due to the cardboard box's strength. For handcrafted and often fragile items like pottery or mini sculptures, cardboard boxes with protective inserts provide the much-needed care.

And stationery items? Cardboard boxes offer a tidy solution, keeping these items organized and safe from damage. 

In our tech-centric world, electronics and gadgets like earbuds, chargers, compact devices, and flash drives are everywhere. If you're selling these items, you'll need a packaging solution that offers the perfect blend of protection, practicality, and presentation. Cardboard boxes fit the bill perfectly.

Packing electronics starts with protection. For items like earbuds and headphones, the solid exterior of cardboard paired with protective inserts provides a secure shield against damage. Even chargers and cables find a neat, organized home in smaller boxes, which keep them tangle-free during transit.

Compact devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers? Cardboard boxes are perfect for these too. The boxes can be tailored to perfectly fit these devices, preventing them from moving around during shipment. Protective fillers can also be added for an extra layer of safety.

And for micro items like flash drives and memory cards, cardboard boxes offer a practical and safe solution, as they can be securely nestled in the box, protected from any potential damage.

Moreover, the natural insulating properties of cardboard help protect these sensitive electronic goods from temperature fluctuations that could potentially affect their functionality.

Toys and Collectibles

When you're shipping joy in the form of toys and collectibles, you need to be sure your packaging can stand up to the challenge. And who better to call on than our trusted friend, the cardboard box? 

Cardboard boxes can easily accommodate puzzles and board games, with many components and sometimes hefty weight, and protect them from external pressure or damage during transportation. 

Collectible cards, too, which are often delicate and of significant value to collectors, find safety in the secure, customizable confines of such a box. The customizable size of cardboard boxes also ensures that the cards have a snug fit to minimize the risk of bending or creasing.

Similarly, fragile miniature figures and models benefit from the sturdy nature of cardboard, which can be enhanced with protective inserts or padding. Even dolls and plush toys of varying shapes and sizes find a fitting home in cardboard boxes, which contain them without squashing and help maintain their shape and fluffiness. 

Books, Magazines, and Printed Materials

Ah, the smell of a new book or the crisp pages of a fresh magazine. It's an experience that many of us cherish. As an online store specializing in these items, you'll want to ensure your customers get the full experience, starting with secure and intact delivery. And yes, cardboard boxes are your go-to packaging choice.

Cardboard boxes provide needed protection for novels and non-fiction titles, as they prevent them from bending or creasing during transit. Furthermore, robust cardboard can bear the weight of art and photography books and protect them from environmental factors that could harm the imagery inside.

Flat, tightly fitting cardboard boxes are also excellent for shipping magazines and specialty publications; they keep them flat and enjoyable for customers. Similarly, calendars and planners, with their crisp pages, can arrive in perfect condition, thanks to the protection offered by the right-sized cardboard box. 

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Products

As a retailer of eco-friendly and sustainable products, you're already playing a crucial part in protecting our planet. You'll want your packaging to echo these values, and that's where cardboard boxes step into the limelight.

For example, reusable utensils and straws are becoming increasingly popular as people step away from single-use plastics. Cardboard boxes, with their adaptability in size and strength, keep these items well-protected during transit. This goes the same for plant seeds and gardening kits, which need protection from moisture, light, and other environmental elements.

The following are other eco-friendly and sustainable products that are exceptionally well-suited for shipping using cardboard boxes:

  • Bamboo and wood products
  • Eco-friendly personal care items, such as bamboo toothbrushes or organic cotton pads.

Custom and Specialty Products

When it comes to custom and specialty products, delivering a memorable unboxing experience is just as important as the product itself. Cardboard boxes, with their versatility and customizability, are the perfect partner for these unique items.

Personalized gifts often carry a special emotional value for the recipient. A strong, well-designed cardboard box can protect these precious items and keep them safe and intact. Also, the box itself can be personalized to match the gift inside, enhance the unboxing experience, and increase the sentimental value.

For corporate giveaways and promotional items, presentation plays a crucial role. As well as providing sturdy protection, cardboard boxes can be tailored to your branding. This way, every gift you send out spreads awareness of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

On the other hand, seasonal and festive products like holiday ornaments and festive candies need packaging that mirrors the joy of the season. Cardboard boxes provide robust protection for these variously shaped and sized items, and with a little creativity, they can be decorated to reflect the festive spirit.

Wrapping Up

As we've explored various types of products that are safe and ideal for shipping in cardboard boxes, we hope we've helped you realize their incredible versatility and value. Cardboard boxes offer a balance of protection, presentation, practicality, and yes, even panache. Whether you're shipping food and beverages, toys, books, or custom items, cardboard has got your products covered, literally!

Remember, every cardboard box you use is a step towards a more sustainable business operation. It's a message to your customers about your brand's commitment to our planet. In the world of e-commerce, where your packaging is often the first physical interaction a customer has with your brand, that message becomes even more important.

Ready to make a sustainable impact?

At Impack, we're proud to provide eco-friendly packaging options that cater to your various needs. We're passionate about helping businesses like yours deliver products safely, stylishly, and sustainably. Perfectly designed to fit a range of items, our Slim ABC Boxes offer a sleek, efficient packaging solution that doesn't skimp on protection or style.

For more information or to place an order, feel free to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is standing by to guide you towards the best packaging solutions for your items.

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