Padded Paper Mailer Launch

neutral color and floral paper padded mailers in sizes 6x9 and 10x13

Launching our newest product, the Padded Paper Mailers, featuring a stunning new print, the Gardenlumina!

Get set to grab these on July 21st, available to you in handy sizes of 6x9” and 10x13”.

Did we mention they're 100% FSC-certified paper? That's right, eco-friendly and practical!

These are a little more expensive to make compared to the biodegradable bubble mailers, but we thought it'd be great to offer you an extra choice, without skimping on the top-notch protection for your items during transit.

After discussing with our team, we’ve decided to launch them at the same price as our regular bubble mailers.

As always, keep an eye out for a discount on launch day!

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