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Lillian’s Rings N’ Things x Impack

Lillian’s Rings N’ Things x Impack

This is a new series where we share some amazing shops in our space that are creating wonderful & unique products.

In each segment, we'll dive deep into a brand's story, uncovering the passion and inspiration that brought them to life. From their brand's genesis to future plans, you'll get an exclusive insight into their journey.

Today, we're thrilled to feature Lillian’s Rings N’ Things! A brand that weaves magic through handmade affordable beaded jewelry. Join us as we unravel the artistry, purpose, and sustainable practices that define this unique jewelry brand.

  1. Hello there, LilliansRingsnThings! We can't wait to dive into this. Ready to tell us what your brand is all about? Give us a little glimpse into your dazzling world of beaded jewelry. What's the mission that guides your craft?

    A: Even though jewelry designing was more of a hobby at first, i soon learned that my mission was to help young girls and women feel like themselves. the power of wearing jewelry to express yourself is so powerful and glorious. i’m so happy i can help women do that.

  2. Your eco-conscious ethos really stands out in the jewelry industry. Can you tell us more about how you incorporate this into your business?

    A: Absolutely, I actually use a lot of reused materials! such as thrifted necklaces, vintage charms and things like that. i always sanitize and polish charms and beads from necklaces so i can give them a new opportunity to be worn and loved. it’s such a fun process and it’s also really cool to see that jewelry can still be re-purposed after so many years of being worn.

    handmade beaded flower bracelets
  3. Your pieces have this unique, vibrant aesthetic. How do you breathe life into your designs and ensure they truly represent LilliansRingsnThings?

    A: even though i make all different aesthetics and styles of jewelry, my favorite has always been the bright and colorful look! since i’m usually drawn towards the most vibrant materials, so when i’m free handing a design that’s mostly what i grab for. i like to think of my jewelry as a chaotic mess but in a cute way, so being all over the place with colors and materials helps me achieve that!

    Lillian’s Rings N’ Things
  4. Shipping day must be a whirl of beautiful beaded pieces ready to meet their new home. Can you walk us through a typical shipping day at LilliansRingsnThings?

    A: since i’m a fairly new small business i don’t get that many orders in a week, but when i do it’s such a fun process. when i receive packages i always want it to be like a fun surprise or like christmas! so that’s exactly what i try to do while packing my jewelry to go to their new homes. i always make sure to give the buyer a free jewelry piece from my shop along with some stickers and reusable bags they can use later to store their jewelry. i also love writing them a thank you note to make their package a little more personalized. and then i pack everything nice and safe into’s colorful daisy mailers! they are by far my favorite mailers ever and my customers love how cute they are!

  5. How do you ensure your pieces travel safe and reach their destination in all their sparkling glory?

    A: whether it’s a ring or necklaces i always have to make sure my jewelry isn’t flopping all around in the packages. for that i make sure everything is secured in reusable bags and wrapped with either paper or lightly used bubble wrap! i always love to reuse packaging supplies because i know how much is ended up in the trash. so i try to reuse it the best i can! and i hope my customers do the same!

  6. When it comes to sustainability, we know you don't just stop at your product. How does LilliansRingsnThings ensure an earth-friendly approach in other aspects of your business?

    A: packaging is a really big part of my business. to ensure packages are getting to their home safely without leaving so much landfill behind isn’t as difficult as it sounds! i always use reused paper or wrap to package my jewelry with just so things aren’t just getting used once and being thrown away. i also use reusable tulle draw string bags to pack everything in safely and they double as a safe place for jewelry when traveling! and something that ties everything together are’s biodegradable mailers, i feel so happy using these knowing that they won’t end up harming our planet.

    Daisy Multicolor Biodegradable Mailers
    Lillian’s Rings N’ Things using our Daisy Multicolor Biodegradable Mailers

  7. When you think of your brand LilliansRingsnThings, what are the first three words that come to mind?

    A: Colorful, fun, and unique.

Ready to add a touch of handmade magic to your jewelry collection? Check out Lillian’s Rings N’ Things! 🌟✨ 

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