How To Set Up Back-In-Stock Forms The Right Way On Shopify

how to set up back in stock forms on Shopify

Attention shop owners: If you're on Shopify, please read this. If you're using Klaviyo, you'll definitely want to read this. 

I might be one of the few people that don't know this, but the “Notify me” form for your out-of-stock items NEVER actually sends people an email when the product is back in stock 😱

I asked one of my friends who is a seasoned marketer for some pointers, and he said there are 2 options: Either use a 3rd party Shopify app or a built-in option with Klaviyo.

Set up the Back In Stock notification with Klaviyo

If you're using Klaviyo (which, in my opinion, is the best option of the two), then follow this instruction to set up. It takes 2 minutes, and it works beautifully for all of your products, down to each variation. E.g. If someone wants to sign up for when your Christmas tee in the size L is back in stock, they would only receive an email when that specific variation is back. 

Set up the Back In Stock notification using a third-party app

If you're not using Klaviyo, then there are a few apps that let you do this, from free to paid monthly. One option that some of my friends have been using, and recommend, is the app Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

I also found this free app called Back In Stock + Restock Alerts. I've not tested it yet, but from the reviews I have read, it seems like a good option. 

Get updates when our Impack mailers are back in stock 

I have finished setting it up for Impack and have tested it too. From now on, if you drop your email to an out-of-stock item, you WILL receive an email whenever it's back in stock 🙌🏼

Hope this helps!


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