Handwrittencreatives x Impack

Handwrittencreatives x Impack

This is a new series where we share some amazing shops in our space that are creating wonderful & unique products.

In each segment, we'll dive deep into a brand's story, uncovering the passion and inspiration that brought them to life. From their brand's genesis to future plans, you'll get an exclusive insight into their journey.

Today, we're thrilled to feature 📜Handwritten Creatives🖋. Their stationery products have been creating a buzz, and we just had to know more!


  1. Hey there, Handwritten Creatives! Your brand is making waves in the stationery world. Can you share what inspired you to create such unique pieces? We'd love to hear more about the story behind Handwritten Creatives and the passion that drives your brand.

    A: I have always been passionate about organization and planning out my day! I wanted to create products that are neutral, aesthetically pleasing and functional. I design all of the pieces myself and try to create a variety of options to accommodate different preferences on organizing one's life.

  2. Creating checklists, grocery lists, calendars, and planners... sounds like you've got organization down to an art form! How does this love for organization translate into your products? Tell us more about your process of turning everyday organizational tools into creative masterpieces.

    A: I personally use all of my products in my everyday life which allows me to test out their efficiency and recommend different ways to utilize my products.


  3. We've heard rave reviews about your designs. Can you let us in on how you ensure your brand aesthetic shines through each item? Did any particular lifestyle, theme, or idea inspire the distinct style of Handwritten Creatives? We're eager to learn about the thought process behind your design choices.

    A: I love a neutral color palette with pops of color, which is exactly what my products showcase! The notepads stay on the more neutral side with the fun pieces such as stickers having more color and creative designs.

  4. At the heart of it all, Handwritten Creatives is about improving daily life with a dash of art. Can you share how your customers have benefited from your products?

    A: The majority of my customers have purchased a notepad which allows them to more effectively plan their day, stick to a cleaning schedule, or plan their meals for the week. Others have purchased stickers that allow them to creatively express themselves on their laptop case, water bottle, etc.


  5. In the era of digital communication, what motivated you to stay true to the charm of handwritten stationery? We're interested in your perspective on the importance of ‘handwritten’ in this digital age.

    A: I personally have always preferred paper stationery, however I recognize that not everyone does which is why we are proud to offer both physical and digital versions of our designs! I have done research on the importance of physically writing things down and it is proven to help you remember things more easily.

  6. Sustainability is a significant part of your brand story. How are you ensuring that Handwritten Creatives contributes positively to the environment? Feel free to share any sustainable practices, initiatives, or future plans you have to maintain your eco-friendly commitment.

    A: We are proud to use eco-friendly mailers and offer local pickup as well to save on packaging materials in the environment.

  7. Finally, what's in store for Handwritten Creatives in the future? Any exciting plans, dreams, or goals you're willing to share? We're all ears!

    A: We are currently planning and designing a new product line - stay tuned!

    ✍️ In the realm of digital everything, there's an undeniable charm in handwritten stationery. If you're looking to infuse your tasks with creativity, functionality, and a dash of art, then look no further — check out Handwritten Creatives! From meticulously designed notepads to vibrant stickers that let your personality shine, every piece tells a story. So, why not make your story a beautifully organized one? Explore Handwritten Creatives today and elevate your daily routine. 📒✨

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