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Where To Find Free Mockups: The Ultimate Guide

Where To Find Free Mockups: The Ultimate Guide

If you're looking for free mockups to help represent your business on the web, look no further. In this article, we'll share ten of the best sites for finding high-quality templates and designs that can be used without costing a penny. 

Even if you don't have any design skills, using these mockups can give your business a professional edge. They make it easy to see how designs will look on various products and services, without having to shell out extra money for costly design software. 

Whether you're in need of generic branding visuals or something more specific, these resources are sure to have what you need.

What Is A Mockup?

Mockups are visual representations of designs. They provide the designer with a realistic insight into how the design will look on various products, items, pages, or applications. This can save you time and money in the long run because it won't be necessary to go back and forth between multiple designers.

Nowadays, free mockups are readily available online which makes them even more convenient. So whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer looking for an efficient way to communicate your designs, here are our top ten picks for free mockup websites online.

Top 10 Sites for Free Mockups

1.  Pixelied

pixelied mockup


Pixelied is a popular alternative to Canva and Photoshop. You can conveniently design your mockups using their free Mockup Generator from your PC or mobile device.

The editor is simple to use, with a massive library of beautiful stock photos and pre-made design elements to choose from. Pixelied regularly updates this library with more items coming in weekly, and you will be spoilt for choice. You can download or export high-resolution mockups across devices in multiple file formats.

The Folder Management feature helps you neatly organize multiple workspaces, saves your work automatically as you carry on with your designs. You can also apply your brand colors to your mockup in just one click using their intuitive Blend feature.

We also like that they recently incorporated Dark Mode on their platform, which relieves eye strains, especially when designing at night. 

Pixelied is very user-friendly and is perfect for beginners.

And with other applications, such as Photoshop, you need to download photos from external sources before uploading them to the editor. But, with Pixelied's incorporation of picture libraries from Unsplash and Pixabay, developing mockups has never been easier. You just need to browse for a photo within the editor, drag and drop it into the canvas, and then add a few icons or vectors.

2. Pixeden



Pixeden allows you to choose from plenty of free PSD mockup templates to create attractive eCommerce product photos and awesome marketing campaign designs. The website is quick with an interactive user interface, and you can start working immediately, unlike applications that take forever to start up.

Pixeden also provides easy-to-learn tutorials to help you get accustomed to their systems. The biggest advantage Pixeden has over Pixelied is that it offers animated mockups. These unique animations can offer more entertaining ways to grab your customer’s attention and foster engagement.

3. Graphic Burger

graphic burger


Graphic Burger is the work of Raul Taciu, an incredibly talented Romanian graphic designer. With over 67 million downloads, the website is basically a graphics charity. All the mockups are free of charge, intending to help the community in their projects.

It makes Graphic Burger one of the most popular sites for small businesses that lacks the resources to hire full-time designers in the mean time.

Their templates are fully editable with smart objects you can quickly move around or replace to create the perfect mockup for your presentation. You can create photorealistic products, packaging materials, and promotional items to showcase your work to prospective clients.

4. Placeit



With over 100,000 templates, Placeit has one of the largest free mockup libraries. For instance, if you need a human template, you must go through the Gender, Age, and Ethnicity categories, each having six subcategories.

Despite hosting such a humongous amount of templates, the website is smooth to navigate, with numerous filters available to sort through the template categories.

Placeit is so stacked that you can’t possibly claim not to find multiple mockups suitable for your business needs. You have more control over your designs, and Placeit uploads numerous tutorials to inspire you through your design creation.

5. Medialoot


Medialoot has tons of curated free mockups distributed across ten categories for personal and commercial uses. They include: Fashion & Apparel, Packaging, Stationery & Paper, and Food & Drink mockups.

You can also enjoy unlimited downloads to make your designs look more polished and professional. Since it’s a membership site, you have to create an account to access their products which come in PSD, PDF, or PNP formats.

6. Pixel Buddha

Pixel buddha


Pixel Buddha is an online design store that showcases high-quality mockups for professional use. The store has a fast and excellent user interface, allowing you to peruse hundreds of PSD mockup templates.

Their popular templates include business cards, delivery boxes, appealing neon signs, cream jars, and a variety of poster designs. You can download most of these templates for free, but some premium designs are handpicked for only Pixelbuddha Plus subscribers.

7.  Freebiesbug



Freebiesbug is a go-to site if you are in the electronics industry. Most of their products are tailor-made to showcase apps, posters, and websites on computers and phones.

Currently, there are slightly over 275 mockup templates on their site, with 218 of those in PSD. You can also submit a freebie to help other small businesses, startups, and graphic developers.

8. Mr. Mockup

Mr. Mockup


Mr. Mockup is the second size project of Noeeko, a design studio based in Warsaw, Poland, which partners with both small and large business entities to create unique brands. Established in April 2017, Mr. Mockup provides an interactive platform to view and acquire fully customizable mockups developed by the studio’s competent and creative graphic designers.

The free, high-resolution mockups range from Posters & Frames, Stationery to Vehicles, Devices, and Signs & Billboards.

9. Mockup Mark

Mockup mark


Mockup Mark allows you to create dozens of apparel mockups at the convenience of your phone or tablet. The process is simple: on your browser, upload your design to the e-commerce mockup generator, scale, position, apply it and download it in a matter of seconds!

You can use t-shirts, hoods, tank tops, sweatshirts, and long-sleeved mockups. The generator is fast and efficient, and the mockups are HD quality. New templates are added every week to keep up with fashion trends and give you a variety of options to pick from.

10.  Anthony Boyd Graphics

Anthony Boyd Graphics


Antony Boyd is an accomplished 3D Artist from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He prides himself on offering free mockups to personal and commercial projects, linking back to his site as optional.

The mockup collections are placed under six categories (Tablet, Logo, Smartphone, Poster, Laptop, and Business Card) for easier accessibility. It is pretty simple to use the mockups, and Antony provides a simple tutorial video on how to get started.

The Bottom Line

Mockups can surely make your life easier when it comes to branding. It makes the communication process with designers more streamlined. Plus, you won’t have to shell out extra money for costly design software.

However, as with any project, it's important to find the right one for your business and personality. Keep in mind that compatibility is key when selecting a mockup – it should complement the product design and not overpower it.

If you're collaborating with a designer on this project, be sure to check out our earlier blog post for tips on how to work with designers to achieve satisfactory results.

While the sites we have recommended in this article offer great resources, most of them require an upgrade to their pro versions in order to take advantage of all their features. However, these upgraded versions cost around $4-6. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to improve your designs, then check out one of the many amazing mockup tools offered by our recommended sites.

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