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Why we're really excited about our ABC Box!

Why we're really excited about our ABC Box!

Our new ABC box line will help shops that sell small & light items in many ways.

🚚 Save on shipping

First of all, these boxes are very thin, allowing them to easily fit through letter mail slots. This makes a significant difference in shipping costs because items that fit through the mail slot and meet weight requirements can be sent using stamp-based rates for shipping, which would cost at most:
  • CAD $5.47 in Canada (stamp-based)
  • $4.23 in the US using First Class (stamp-based)
  • $6.65 in the US using Ground Advantage (tracked)
USPS rates
In contrast, tracked packages start from $19 in Canada, and there was a similar difference in the US until the introduction of USPS Ground Advantage. That’s over $10 in savings! We wrote a guide on when to ship items using stamps here a couple months ago.
Canada Post stamp rates
Imagine a shop selling t-shirts – customers would probably hesitate to pay $19 for shipping for just one shirt, but if shipping was $5 or $6, they would be much more likely to convert. Next time, they would be more confident in buying more than 1 item from the shop. If shop owners are willing to share some of the saved shipping cost with their customers, it could encourage even more purchases on their website.

🎁 Packing becomes a breeze

Another advantage of our ABC box is its appearance right out of the gate; minimum effort is needed to make it stand out vs when using plain boxes (which often require stamps, stickers or fancy tapes). With less time spent packing orders and fewer accessories needed, sellers can save both time and money while still offering gift-ready packaging.
extra large flat box for shipping t-shirts
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