Daisy Multicolor Biodegradable Mailers 10" x 13"

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Quantity: 25 pack

Thick and sturdy: Our most popular size, these 10x13 biodegradable mailers combine strength and sustainability, making it perfect for medium-sized shipments.

Versatile packaging solution: Great for clothing items such as t-shirts or artisanal crafts, providing ample protection and a sleek look.

Transit protection: This mailer safeguards your products against the rigors of shipping, with a strong adhesive strip to keep contents secure and protected from moisture and dirt.

Design: The Cosmos print offers a fresh and lively aesthetic. The bold colors make each package feel like a burst of happiness and excitement.

Product details

Print: Daisy Multicolor

Size: 10" x 13" / 25.4 x 33.0 cm


25/50/100 pack: Packaged in a transparent, biodegradable mailer.

500/1,000 pack: Packaged in transparent, biodegradable mailers then in a carton. 

Sustainability info

Material: Biodegradable plastics

Breakdown time: 24 months

Disposal method:

  • Recyclable - at local recycling depot

Quantity: 25 pack
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Customer Reviews

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Emily Elizabeth
A Sustainable Choice Without Compromising on Quality

Switching to Impack Biodegradable Mailers for my shipping needs has been one of the best decisions I've made for both my business and my conscience. These 10x13-inch mailers offer a variety of features that make them highly effective and eco-friendly. Below are the specifics:Biodegradability:The foremost feature that sets these mailers apart is their biodegradability. In an era of heightened environmental awareness, opting for sustainable packaging is not just a choice; it's a responsibility. These mailers decompose within a few months, reducing their environmental impact significantly.Strength & Durability:Despite being biodegradable, these mailers are remarkably sturdy. I've shipped various items, ranging from clothing to books, and they've all arrived in impeccable condition. The mailers are tear-resistant, offering the same level of protection as traditional plastic mailers.Tamper-Evident & Self-Sealing:The tamper-evident feature adds an extra layer of security, assuring both the sender and receiver of the package's integrity. The self-sealing mechanism is robust, easy to use, and ensures that the contents stay secure during transit.Aesthetic Appeal:The mailers have a clean, professional look that adds a touch of sophistication to your shipments. Their neutral color also provides an excellent backdrop for any branding or labels you may want to add.Size & Pack Quantity:The 10x13-inch size is versatile, suitable for a wide range of items. The 100-pack offers excellent value for money, making it cost-effective for both small businesses and individual users.My Opinion:In my view, the Impack Biodegradable Mailers offer a seamless blend of sustainability and functionality. They demonstrate that environmentally friendly options can be just as effective, if not more so, than their non-biodegradable counterparts.Would I buy this product again? Definitely. Not only do these mailers meet all my shipping needs, but they also align with my values for environmental responsibility. Would I recommend these to others? Wholeheartedly, especially for those looking to make sustainable choices without sacrificing quality or security.In summary, if you're in the market for reliable, secure, and eco-friendly shipping envelopes, Impack Biodegradable Mailers are an excellent choice. They deliver on all fronts—quality, functionality, and sustainability—making them a must-have for any conscientious shipper.

Karen Milano
Fun very Marimekko like

Contemporary design, strong and environmentally friendly.

Kylee Blankespoor
Awesome bags

I love the style of these bags, but I love the quality even more! They are great quality and do not tear easily. I definitely recommend them!

Shaela dagner

These polymailers are absolutely adorable!! They are excellent quality and I am obsessed with the design!! Very thick and well made!! However, these were more on the pricey side of what I would pay for a polymailer! I fell in love with the design of these so I had to get them but I think I will search for something more affordable next time

Geeking out

Why you'll love this

Top-notch protection against rain, spills, and rough handling.
Match your mailers to the season with our special prints for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and more!
Each mailer has a QR code with disposal instructions & help to find the nearest recycling center for your customers.

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