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From SlimBox to ABC Box: A change in name, not in value

From SlimBox to ABC Box: A change in name, not in value

Previously, we had our hearts set on calling our new creation the SlimBox, but it turns out there's this rad carton-folding machine already using the name (seriously, I have my heart set on this once we get big enough 🙏🏼 I know a few people who have this machine and they’ve been raving about how much they are saving on postage because of it).

I wanted to prioritize bringing the product to life over checking the trademark names, so I was aware of the risks. And since it’s not our brand name, I accepted that risk.

After some late-night brainstorming with Hien, we've landed on something we love even more: the ABC Box.


Well, it's Affordable - Bold - Conscious. And packing with it is really as easy as A...B...C... 😉. Just a little behind-the-scenes share for my fellow shop owners, and I hope you won’t mind the change!

Check out our ABC boxes here

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